What Is CPA Marketing: The Best Strategy To Get More leads

You want a more targeted, warm list of leads at a lower campaign cost. CPA offers the opportunity to market directly to consumers who have shopping intent. What Is CPA Marketing: The Best Strategy To Get More leads.


Section 1: What is CPA marketing?

A full-service advertising company might have a team of specialists called the account management group, where they may perform digital marketing for various clients. When it comes to email marketing, you will want an agency with experience to give you the right insight into your marketing campaign to help optimize your campaigns.  If you are looking to simply build your list of leads from consumer interests, a solution such as LeadPages has a marketing dashboard that shows you where your new contacts are and allows you to get instant insights on what that can mean. By giving your audience insight into what they want to learn about, you’re able to form valuable long-term connections that will drive sales.


The benefits of CPA

CPAs get you:  Larger, more profitable list of consumers  Lower costs per lead  The average lead spend falls  CPAs show better ROI than traditional, focused lead generating strategies.  The benefits of CPCs  CPAs get you:  Smaller, more targeted list of consumers  Larger, more expensive marketer cost  Lifetime value versus return on investment is unknown  CPC marketers must run a mix of both.  CPC vs CPA  What is CPA?  CPA is the most popular form of lead generation. It is marketed as “targeted advertising at the right time with the right message for the right consumers” and made popular by such leading companies as Google, Yahoo, and Expedia.


How to set up a successful CPA campaign

The biggest mistake that you can make when setting up your CPA campaign is focusing on getting the email addresses of the people you want to target to reply to your email marketing. The email addresses are an important part of setting up your CPA campaign but there are many other things that you need to consider as well.  What Is an Opt-in form: Useful checklist of factors for designing the right CPA form.  What Is a Query Id: Identify if the audience you want to reach using your CPA campaign is the target audience that you want to reach or the broader audience that you have.  What Is a Quota: How many people can you reach per day in a CPA campaign? If the quota is set too low, you may not be able to reach the audiences you want to reach.


Examples of successful campaigns

Look at this ad campaign from CPA Homes by Forbes Development. This shows the type of leads CPA could drive to your company:  And this ad from Radius Living is targeting recent college graduates and showing them where they can live. Notice that it doesn't have to be a traditional apartment building. It could be a completely custom home, with a dock on the ocean. Look at the bottom of the page for the next stage of your campaign.  This is an example of a relatively simple campaign. This is a free-standing tower. You know the population that is right for your development. Here you simply present the apartment option. The result? The Millennials want to live in a high-rise. Here you create awareness and interest in the apartment building.


The best way to get more leads

Research shows that shopping consumers are very easy to convert. Of course there’s a little math, but the basic idea is that someone who is ready to buy will also be ready to engage. This is the need of the hour for marketers!  Digital marketing has improved the conversion rate in this context considerably. Brands need to do two things in order to retain these shoppers in their funnel.  Include mobile interaction in your marketing mix.  That should mean through Android & iOS apps, on your landing page, on your social media.  However, the execution is not as good as it can be. Marketing automation is the best way to stay on top of your marketing machine and put the right brand messaging, at the right time.



Now that you’ve thoroughly covered the five marketing strategies, you can perform a market test, segment your list, find best cost per acquisition (CPA), and execute against this plan as your lead generation tool of choice. The results you’ll see are a pipeline of qualified, happy customers and a significant ROI on your lead acquisition costs.  

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