How To Make Money With YouTube: The Ultimate Guide

If you making viral videos, you can reach millions of people you normally wouldn’t have been able to with an ad. It is possible to make a living from making YouTube videos, but most YouTubers will have multiple income streams that help them continue the lifestyle they want. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to start a business online and want to utilize YouTube in some way, there are a few things you need to know so that you can be successful. This guide will try to give you everything you need to know about making money with YouTube and how people have created their own businesses using it.


How to make money with YouTube

Save and monetize the content you create  A lot of people are hesitant about making money with videos because they think that because they are promoting something, they have to make the most in the shortest amount of time. However, just because you are promoting something doesn’t mean you have to make your videos fast. In fact, some YouTubers have been successful by making longer videos, with the content being excellent, but yet they still are able to make a decent amount of money.  One of the best ways to make money with videos is by having multiple revenue streams. Once you have a viewer base, you can start the process of generating revenue by selling ads on your videos.


Finding your YouTube niche

If you’re wondering what kind of YouTube videos to make, you need to know what people actually search for. Obviously, the most popular videos will be popular with the YouTube community. So, make sure that your videos are relevant to the things that people search for.  Some people look for videos about how to use products. For example, if you have a product you want to promote, then you can go to YouTube and promote it, and make money doing it.  It is important to try and find a niche that people are really interested in. A niche makes it much easier to get people to watch your video when you really want them to. This means that when you do create a video for your niche, people will actually watch it and even tell others about it.


Understanding the YouTube revenue system

There are different types of revenue streams you can take, based on how many subscribers you have and how often you post videos. Most YouTubers have videos that are watched on a daily basis, meaning these YouTubers have a huge reach and a steady stream of viewers coming to their channels. However, some YouTubers only upload videos at certain times of the day so that they can reach more viewers. For example, a vlogger who posts videos at midnight might only get a few views every day, but on the weekend the viewer numbers are much higher. In this scenario, the YouTuber is only making the same amount of money from each viewer on a daily basis, even though a lot more people are viewing their videos on weekends.


Monetizing your content

As you may have heard, the main way to make money with YouTube is to start a business and monetize your videos. This means that you will need to start charging for them, either through one of the services above or through your own ads. You can charge for something as simple as allowing others to embed a video on their page, or you can charge for videos that allow other people to monetize as well. You can even charge for videos that have already been made. This is a great way to get a video started on YouTube without having to spend money, but you can make a name for yourself.  You also need to make sure that you don’t have any nude videos on your YouTube channel.


Promote your videos

The first thing you have to do is create videos for your channel and get some viewers. You can go out and promote your videos.  Grow your subscribers  It can take a long time for a video to gain a lot of views on YouTube. The bigger the videos get, the bigger your subscriber base becomes. You don’t necessarily have to have 1,000 subscribers in order to make money on YouTube. YouTube has a lot of features you can use to grow your subscriber base, including custom viewers, playlists, push notifications, and more.  Build an audience  The more views you can get, the more potential your video has to gain subscribers and views. Every person views your videos and even not-so-popular videos can add up over time.


Brand sponsorships and collaborations

It is a great idea to work with a company that you can embed in your video. This may be something simple, like putting their logo in a hat. Or it may be a more elaborate brand partnership where you are getting some kind of ongoing partnership with that company. Either way, there are companies that will pay you to do this. However, you need to be careful to be realistic. This may mean not being able to use any footage that you already own, such as your own cameraman.  In general, if you can’t earn money by participating in videos that are uploaded by other people, then it might be best to skip working with brands.  Monthly subscription YouTube channels  If you are going to make a YouTube video, make sure you have one or two videos that are worth watching.


Monetize your videos

Before you get started, you need to consider whether you want to monetize your videos. Basically, monetizing YouTube videos means that you can share your videos with viewers and viewers can purchase some type of physical or digital product in exchange for watching the video. There are many places you can sell a physical product like t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, posters, and more, but there are also many things you can do with a YouTube video. Some of these include using the video as part of a podcast, running ads on the video, and selling downloads of the video. It is up to you how to implement any of the above options in your channel.

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