5 Reasons This Is Why You Should Become A CPA Marketer

Many sales professionals are moving from their current jobs to the world of CPA marketing. With this change, they become accountable for financial results rather than lead volume or sales appointments. That can be a big change for a lot of people. Even those who have been top producers in a traditional role. If you’re a CPA marketing specialist or seller who is considering going solo or going to work for a CPA firm, the following three reasons why you should work as a CPA marketer may appeal to you.


Income potential

The typical CPA marketer is a middle-income earner, which means the average income is about $100,000 per year. This is great income for most people. However, a CPA is an even better job for a CPA marketing specialist. Many are expecting to make six-figure incomes in the industry in the future.  At the same time, the accounting business is in a cyclical slump, so many accounting firms have been laying off accountants.


Growth Potential

As a CPA marketing specialist, your primary focus is helping business owners and professionals realize more and more of their potential by planning for and structuring strong growth strategies. It’s an exciting time to be a professional in this field. There are more opportunities than ever before, and the good news is that you can make a significant impact on your clients’ businesses by working with them to develop plans and strategies that not only help them achieve their financial goals, but that will also lead to other professional and personal success as well.  Cost Effectiveness  When you join the ranks of a CPA firm, you will not only have access to a much larger group of clients than you would as a single business owner.



It can be a big shift for some people to be taken out of a very visible leadership role and start in a business development role that doesn’t require a sales call. You have the freedom to work on your own schedule and decide when you’re ready to push out a plan and execute the content.  According to KISS metrics, 82% of freelance workers report the ability to change work hours at any time to ensure the most effective use of their time. Although you may have some bills to pay, you can be accountable for your own sales results.  Creating Financial Solutions  More businesses today want to focus on a specific line of business and create a service around it. This is something a lot of marketers and sales professionals have gravitated towards in recent years.


The Marketing Powerhouse

Being a CPA marketing specialist brings a lot of marketing power into the mix. Besides being responsible for building a sales pipeline with your clients, your job is to help them grow and establish long-term relationships with other accountants in your network.  This includes networking, presenting at events, helping your clients network, and getting referrals. There are a lot of people in the world who need help. Even people in other businesses like accountants and lawyers need accountants and lawyers. But not everyone understands what a true relationship between the business and the accountant or lawyer entails. Often the relationship is just transactional. The accountant is just another business-to-business contact.


It's the future of marketing

One of the primary reasons people decide to work as CPA marketers is that they’re aware of how the profession is changing. For the past decade or so, CPA firms have spent lots of money putting together marketing strategies that involve tons of TV advertising, text messaging, SEO, direct mail, social media, webinars and other traditional media. However, few CPA firms continue to use much of that traditional media in their marketing strategy. Instead, they’re using advanced tools and digital media.  Advanced tools and digital media will be the future of marketing and they’re not going to stay “the future” for long.  Related: 10 Powerful Small Business Marketing Ideas  For example, Amazon runs a successful online store and uses advanced tools and digital media to promote its products.



Many people don’t want to work with the typical “average person.” They want to work with the “smartest people” and the best results. I have been with my employer, Woodbury, for over 20 years. I was a CPA working in the audit department. I became a CPA selling for one of my firm’s divisions and then the corporate division. These are the people who become CPA marketer or sell controller. I have had the privilege of training my successor and advising a handful of new hires over the years. The marketing division is the sales department that leads the marketer/sellers, and this is where you can be of tremendous value. A current sales professional has to be responsible for taking the lead on selling lead.

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